Things Kellyanne Conway looks like

A tired rest stop diner waitress who makes an extra buck giving truckers blow jobs out back in order to help pay for her husband’s life saving medical treatments. Her eyes are dead and her soul is empty from this activity.


A roll of paper towels that once got all wet but is now dry. This roll of paper towels is on the back of the toilet under the paper towel dispenser that is empty at a Chinese Restaurant.


Half dry potting clay that is drying on your fingers and giving you the heebie jeebies and you need to go wash your hands right fucking now.


If sloth from the goonies had a baby with a fried chicken breast. 

Then she spent the whole year deep conditioning and getting fillers at the White House and brings along her own soap opera filter to any TV appearance. Seriously, check out her evolution from the driest bitch to cosplaying Al Capone’s girlfriend named Tits McGee crossed with how all super rich women look in Korean dramas.
conway 4
drier than Death Valley
Trump's advisor Conway speaks about Comey at the White House in Washington
discovers juvederm and conditioner
kellyanne botox
more botox and fillers and it has affected her eye and is what I imagine she spends most of her time doing all day at tax payers’ expense
conway 2
full transformation into the human version of a warm soap opera filter

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