Mark fucking Zuckerberg

Ugh I just can’t with this guy. Human andoid penis has announced that this year’s ‘personal challenge’ (he’s such a douche he has to invent seriously indulgent maturbatory corporate speak titles for activities he engages in) to figure out what the fuck Facebook keeps getting wrong with itself. I’m so over his wide eyed gee golly *shrug* routine that he keeps playing with the future of democracy and civilization. He has been SO SLOW to the table on literally everything.  For a boy genius savant or whatever he is supposed to be, he’s the last to fucking know each and every time. Just for reference, figuring out how FB gets weaponized by the hands of dictators, cyber mafias, dark political money, foreign trolls and armed hate groups, and has turned truth and fiction upside down, threatened the basic tenets of democratic rule, fucked with our elections, and brainwashed entire swaths of troglodyte fuckwad republicans and ‘liberal’ identity politics brats alike….he puts that somewhere between visiting all 50 states, and whatever next year’s personal masturbation fantasy is, like learning tae kwon do or pottery classes. I’m just baffled that he let his publicist actually admit this to humans. His publicist is probably a weird robot too.

I wonder if he’ll find the time to address why Facebook is deleting pages of activists in Palestine at the behest of the Israeli government (great article by Glenn Greenwald) or why his army of 7,500 content reviewers has about a 50% accuracy rate identifying hate speech by hand, or whatever, with their actual faces and eyes (not by algorithm). Everyone who works for him is a weird android dummy!

Im still grappling with the fact that in 2017, after helping deliver the USA to the Russians and saddle us with Trump, he went on an indulgent little spirit quest while the world burned. It took him a YEAR, while the rest of us noticed IMMEDIATELY something went very very wrong, and it took everyone else doing the research, and fucking congressional inquiries to motivate this cunt. Maybe now that he’s done swanning around to all 50 states and doing peyote on a cliff under the stars he can find the time to examine his algorithms and pull the Israeli cock out of his ass.  I leave you with this, the brilliant South Park takedown, ‘Franchise Prequel,’ which is well worth watching in its entirety and even getting a Hulu subscription for a week in order to watch it.





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